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The Beatles, песни Hike Stoller

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  1. Three Cool Cats (Jerry Leiber and Hike Stoller) - 01.01.1962
  2. Три крутые кошки
    (02:25) Студия: Decca Studios
       1995 - Anthology 1

     Текст песни 

    Three cool cats
    Three cool cats
    Are coming up in a beat up car
    Spitting up a lift of candy bar
    Talking on about how sharp they are
    Three cool cats

    Three cool chicks
    Are walking down the street
    Swinging their hips
    Splitting up a bag of potato chips
    I think cool cats really did flip
    Three cool chicks
    Yeah three cool chicks

    Well up came that first cool cat
    He said, "Man look at that
    Man, do you see what I see?"
    "Well I want that middle chick"
    "I want that little chick"
    "Hey man save one chick for me"
    Hey, well three cool chicks
    Three cool chicks

    Well they love like angels from up above
    And three cool cats really fell in love
    But three cool chicks
    Made three fools out of three cool cats
    Three cool cats

    Three cool cats
    Three cool cats

    (Three cool cats, oh three cool cats)

  3. Young Blood (Jerry Leiber and Hike Stoller) - 11.06.1963
  4. Молодая кровь
    (01:55) Студия: Apple Corps
       1994 - Live at the BBC

     Текст песни 

    I saw her standing on the corner (Yip yip boom)
    A yellow ribbon in her hair (Yip yip boom)
    I couldn't stop myself from calling
    Well look a-there, look a-there
    Wow look a-there, well look a-there
    Young blood, young blood, young blood
    I can't get you out of my mind

    I took one look and I was fractured (Yip yip boom)
    I tried to walk but I was lame (Yip yip boom)
    I tried to talk but I just stuttered
    Well what's your name, what's your name
    Well what's your name, well what's your name
    Young blood, ah young blood, young blood
    I can't get you out of my mind

    A crazy stop, she was the top
    I tried to follow her all the way home
    Things went bad, I met her dad
    He said, "You'd better leave my daughter alone"

    Well I tried to speak but I just stuttered (Yip yip boom)
    I saw the rising of the sun (Yip yip boom)
    And all along my heart was falling
    While you're the one, you're the one
    While you're the one, ah you're the one
    Young blood, oh young blood, yeah young blood
    I can't get you out of my mind
    Yeah young blood, oh young blood, yeah young blood
    I can't get you out of my mind

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