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11 YouTube tricks that everyone should try

1. Start the video from a specific movie location

If you want to share a YouTube video, but to watch the video from a specific video point, simply add the time to the end of the URL.

Add # T = to the end of the URL, followed by minutes and seconds.

Example: To start a video from 1:02 seconds:

Or you can stop the video at the desired point and click the right mouse button on the movie and select "copy the URL of the video with a time-bound".

You can share the video with a specific start and end time by adding 'start=1:02 & end=2:02' at the end of the URL.

Example: To start or share a video from 1:02 to 2:02


2. TV mode

YouTube TV is an interface designed for TVs and applications on consoles. It is not very convenient to use it on a computer, as it is designed to be controlled via a console or gamepad. However, it can be useful if you are interested in seeing something new.
  1. Follow the link youtube.com/tv,
  2. we will be offered to go through another link and log in to your YouTube account, log in to your account on a new tab, do not close the previous one,
  3. You will be given a code to enter.

3. Download YouTube video or convert video to MP3 audio

You can download YouTube videos by adding 'SS' to the top of the YouTube URL. After that you will be redirected to savefrom.net. Here you can download the video by selecting the file format and the quality of the video from the suggested.

For example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDbsIt8H2mU


4. Create hyphas from a YouTube video

You can create hyphs from YouTube by adding 'GIF' at the beginning of the YouTube video URL. After that you will be redirected to gifs.com. Here you can set the beginning and end of the plot to create a drawing.

For example: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OG4gUA7t0Jw

5. Video playback in slow motion

Hold down the space bar, and the video will run in slow motion, or you can slow down or speed up the video with the gear settings on YouTube videos.

6. Repeat video

If you want to watch the video several times, you simply need to add 'infinitelooper' instead of 'YouTube' in the URL. You will be redirected to the site infinetelooper and there you can set the start and end time to start the video again.

For example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=536fC9N0S_g

You can also right-click on the video and select a cycle.

7. Editing YouTube videos

You can edit the video before publishing to YouTube. Here you can merge several videos, crop any video to the desired length. We can add audio to the video file. You can even add filters and effects to your video.

8. Set the default video speed

If you have a slow Internet connection, and you want to open a video with a low quality, you can set the default video quality to account_playback.

9. Accurate search by keywords

You can search YouTube videos with exact keyword searches. When you type "Allintitle: Keywords", you can find videos that have exact keywords.

10. Exclude keywords from the search

You can search YouTube videos, except for some keywords. Say, if you want to find DiCaprio Video, but not about his Oscar-related, you just need to enter the following keyword.

Example: Di Caprio -oscar

11. Monetize your channel on YouTube

You can earn money by linking your AdSense to your YouTube account at YouTube_Monetization.

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