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Предлоги в английском языке

предлогзначение предлогапример употребления
At1. Местоположение (на, в, при, у)
2. Время (в; в часах, минутах)
1. He is at the station.
2. I am sitting at my table.
3. He came at noon.
4. Come at five o’clock.
On1. Местоположение (на)
2. О, об (на какую-либо тему)
3. Время (в; в днях и датах)
1. The book is on the table.
2. This is a book on chemistry.
3. What do you do on your day off?
4. Come on Monday.
5. I shall go there on the 2nd of June.
In1. Местоположение (в)
2. Время (в; в месяцах, годах)
1. The letter is in my drawer.
2. He is in the room.
3. It took place in 1925.
4. Spring begins in March.
To1. Направление (в, на)
2. Дательный падеж
1. They went to the concert.
2. He came to Moscow last year.
3. Let us go to the Picture Gallery.
4. Give this book to the teacher.
IntoНаправление внутрь1. Put this book into my drawer.
2. He fell into a pool.
From1. Направление (от, на)
2. Время (с, от)
1. We are coming from the theatre.
2. Take the book from the shelf.
3. I shall be busy from ten till one.
BeforeВремя (перед, до)1. It took place before sunrise.
2. It happened 200 years before our era.
3. Afghan war started fifteen years before the Chechen one.
TillВремя (до)1. till the end of this week I will be very busy.
2. From four till six we have our English lessons with Igor.
About1. О, относительно
2. Место (около, вокруг)
3. Время (около)
1. Please, tell me about this affair.
2. This is a story about a little boy.
3. He wandered about our house.
4. Come about two o’clock.
5. It was about midnight when he came home.
For1. Время (в течение)
2. На (цель)
3. Для
4. Направление (в)
1. I have lived her for two years.
2. He has been waiting for you for three hours.
3. I went for a walk.
4. That can be useful for you.
5. Here is a present for Kate.
6. We left for Nizny Novgorod at 10 o’clock.
7. The plain for the Cyprus is due at five.
Of1. Родительный падеж (вопросы чей? кого? Чего?)
2. О, относительно
1. The United States of America.
2. The harvest of this year is very rich.
3. You must never speak badly of him.
With1. Творительный падеж (вопросы кем? чем?)
2. С, вместе
3. От, со (страха, удивления)
1. We write with pencils.
2. The Church of Christ the Savior was destroyed with dynamite.
3. I went to the Manezhnaya Plaza Trading Center with my sister.
4. Her face was pale with fear.
5. He was quite red with anger.
By1. Творительный падеж (вопросы кем? чем?)
2. Местоположение (возле, рядом, подле, у)
1. This was done by her.
2. This novel is written by a well-known writer.
3. They spent the evening by the fireplace.
4. He sat for hours by his brother’s bedside.
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